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Fastwork is one of Southeast Asia's largest professional freelancing platforms. The company currently caters to the Indonesian and Thai job markets.?


Favful is both mobile and web based, offering beauty tips and easy barcode scanning, which allows consumers to view comprehensive product information.


FellowPlus is an emerging primary market research and consulting institution in China. Its core team members are from top venture capital firms and well-known Internet companies.?


FugeTech is an integrated trading desk platform which enables advertisers and agencies to discover, test, and evaluate over 100 publishers, data sources, and marketing tools.?

Garden Aquarium

Garden Aquarium produces high tech aquariums that ensure the well being of the fish while simultaneously caring for the environment


GetLinks is a platform and ecosystem that connects tech talents with opportunities across Asia. The company supports people to build their skills, their connections, their teams, and their careers.?


Glints is a career discovery and development platform that connects employers to young job seekers.


GoGoVan is an on-demand logistics provider that offers streamlined logistics solutions to consumers or enterprise users via its online and mobile platform.


GoKuai is a cloud storage service provider for enterprises in China, offering cross-device, cross-platform, multimedia sharing and storage solutions for over 1 million users to date.?


GoQuo provides a full-stacked e-commerce solution to leading airlines and OTAs by creating a personalized and inspiring digital shopping experience.?

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