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WaveOptics is a United Kingdom based company that builds waveguide-based optics (which harnesses waveguide hologram physic and photonic crystals) for augmented reality hardware.?


Weilicai's focus is a car ownership platform on which customers can purchase secondhand cars and handle import proceedings. Car dealers can advertise their listings as well as enjoy efficient and convenient financial services.?


WeLab creates seamless mobile lending experiences for users by analyzing unstructured mobile big data to make credit decisions for individual borrowers. The company currently operates Wolaidai in China and WeLend in Hong Kong.?


Weplus is one of the leading co-working space operators in China, and has spaces in nearly 20 cities across the world, including San Francisco, Helsinki, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.


Winshares is a cultural media platform that is characterized by openness, harmony, joint creativity and sharing.

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