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Madhouse is a one-stop mobile marketing service provider focused on mobile advertisements and applications.

Mainspring Technology

Mainspring Technology develops mobile application and mobile games. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.


Beijing Makerspace is an incubator for smart hardware, wearables and IOT start-ups. As an open ideas lab, Beijing Makerspace provides tech enthusiasts a place to meet, learn and be inspired by people from all backgrounds, while transforming their ideas into reality.


Megahealth develops and produces intelligent health detection devices for use in the medical industry.


MofunEnglish can let those who want to see the wonderful world of cinema not relying on the subtitles to see more fun English plays.


Molasync provides its users a new learning platform that allows people from different locations to work together synchronously or non-synchronously.


Momfo is a property financing platform that helps apartment operators raise money from individual investors. Through its website, apartment operators can raise capital in order to provide better services, while investors earn returns.?


Mychebao is the first China Internet second-hand car auction platform to provide one-stop full free service for the owners to sell the car.

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