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Garden Aquarium

Garden Aquarium produces high tech aquariums that ensure the well being of the fish while simultaneously caring for the environment


GetLinks is a platform and ecosystem that connects tech talents with opportunities across Asia. The company supports people to build their skills, their connections, their teams, and their careers.?


Glints is a career discovery and development platform that connects employers to young job seekers.


GoGoVan is an on-demand logistics provider that offers streamlined logistics solutions to consumers or enterprise users via its online and mobile platform.


GoKuai is a cloud storage service provider for enterprises in China, offering cross-device, cross-platform, multimedia sharing and storage solutions for over 1 million users to date.?


GoQuo provides a full-stacked e-commerce solution to leading airlines and OTAs by creating a personalized and inspiring digital shopping experience.?


GoWork is Indonesia's leading premium co-working space that offers private offices, co-working areas, meeting rooms, and event spaces to the community.?

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