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Aqumon is a holistic computing solution built for financial advisors that is based in Hong Kong, offering a 24/7 self-sustaining middle and back office that can handle large quantities of trade volume without any extra monitoring.


CompareAsiaGroup is a Hong Kong-based company that operates the leading online comparison platforms for financial, telco, and utility products across Asia.


DayDayCook is one of the leading creators of food and lifestyle content in Asia. The company produces bilingual cooking videos with recipes and step-by-step instructions for a wide range of cuisines.


Efinix's patented Quantum Programmable Technology addresses the needs of high-volume, low-power, and small form-factor products for applications in custom logic, computing acceleration, and deep learning.?


Entrak provides multi-award winning energy and smart lighting solutions that create the perfect energy management system and optimization solutions for businesses and schools.?


GetLinks is a platform and ecosystem that connects tech talents with opportunities across Asia. The company supports people to build their skills, their connections, their teams, and their careers.?


GoGoVan is an on-demand logistics provider that offers streamlined logistics solutions to consumers or enterprise users via its online and mobile platform.

NEX Team Inc. (HomeCourt)

A mobile artificial intelligence company focused on bringing utility and joy to millions of basketball players worldwide.


NOSH is an O2O food delivery company that prepares and delivers fresh, ready-to-eat meals that are each under 550 calories and packed in biodegradable materials.

Origami Labs

Origami Labs is a China based lifestyle innovation company. With its voice powered smart ring 「ORii」, you can start talking by just one touch on your ear.

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