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36Kr is China's most popular, influential and leading digital media company that envisions to be the Internet's Wall Street Journal.?


Founded in 2015, Beijing-based 51Autogo created a virtual chain of petrol stations. The company partners with 20-25 percent of the petrol station operators in every city, offering them services such as online payments and etc.


Aoliday is a travel website and mobile app company that helps Chinese tourists book overseas trips.?


AutoBot is an innovative on-board diagnostic (OBD) hardware developer and solutions provider for automobiles.


Bainbai is the operator of Tegoushe, a comprehensive online sales platform for imported food products in China, serving high-income households through a paid membership model.


Beehive produces drones for agricultural purposes in China.?

Black Magic

Black Magic is an exclusive membership service providing lifestyle services such as travel, shopping, restaurant booking, consumer finance, butler services and etc. across the globe.?


Brite is a fabless ASIC company that delivers end-to-end custom ASIC solutions, providing a seamless, low-cost alternative to traditional models.


Camera360 is a leading mobile application on the iOS and Android platforms that offers premium photo services, such as photo-beautification and social networking.


Founded in 2015 and based in Beijing, Carrobot is a provider of smart car devices.

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