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36Kr is China's most popular, influential and leading digital media company that envisions to be the Internet's Wall Street Journal.?


Founded in 2015, Beijing-based 51Autogo created a virtual chain of petrol stations. The company partners with 20-25 percent of the petrol station operators in every city, offering them services such as online payments and etc.


Airwallex is a an Australian-based cross-border payments startup. It targets businesses by aiding them to make and receive international payments at scale at a lower cost and with less hassle.?


Aoliday is a travel website and mobile app company that helps Chinese tourists book overseas trips.?

Apps Foundry

Apps Foundry is a Singapore-based mobile application developer which delivers over 1 million publications to end users through both iPad and Android platforms.


Aptoide is an independent Android app store, which allows developers, OEM, telcos and integrators create and manage their own Android store.


Aqumon is a holistic computing solution built for financial advisors that is based in Hong Kong, offering a 24/7 self-sustaining middle and back office that can handle large quantities of trade volume without any extra monitoring.


AutoBot is an innovative on-board diagnostic (OBD) hardware developer and solutions provider for automobiles.


AVANA is an e-commerce technology enabler focusing on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The company helps these entities sell their products and services across popular social media platforms.?


Bainbai is the operator of Tegoushe, a comprehensive online sales platform for imported food products in China, serving high-income households through a paid membership model.

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